The Staff at Galloway

H. Daniel Chandler: 44 years experience
Registered Jeweler
President of AGS Southeastern Guild 1991-1992
President SC Jewelers Assoc 1985-1987, 1997-1999
G. Britton Moseley: 35 years experience
Third Generation Jeweler
Owner/Vice President
Certified Gemologist Appraiser
President SC Jewelers Association 2005-2007
Tim Hipkins: 18 years experience
Graduate Jeweler Gemologist
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler
Accredited Quartz Watch Technician with American Horological Institute
Linda Chatham: 30 years experience
Various areas of the jewelry business
Kim Hatchell: 29 years experience
Sales Manager
Certified Gemologist, AGS
Graduate Gemologist, GIA
JA Certified Senior Management Professional
Lorri Chandler: 11 years experience
Certified Sales Associate Sumter
Registered Jeweler
Renee Bannister: 24 years experience
Sales Associate Sumter
Sherry Hughes: 29 years experience
Sales Associate Florence
Dan Dubose: 40 years experience
Sales Associate Florence
Tammy Dubose: 16 years experience
Sales Associate Florence
Kaye Williamson: 10 years experience
Sales Associate Florence
J. Michael Tracy
Certified Gemologist Appraiser, AGS
Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Donna Burns
Adam Boykin
CAD CAM Specialist
William Galindo
Bench Jeweler